Drunken Master IMDb: 7.6
Drunken Master

A mischievous young man is sent to hone his martial arts skills with an older, alcoholic kung fu master. ...

7.6 Average
The Eagle IMDb: 6.2
The Eagle

In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the ......

6.2 Average
Snowtown IMDb: 6.6

Based on true events, 16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother's new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture ......

6.6 Average
Sacrifice IMDb: 6.2

For generations the Zhao family has wielded power, until their mortal enemy TU’AN GU slaughters the entire clan, determined to wipe out their influence forever. But one Zhao baby survives ......

6.2 Average
Open Season IMDb: 6.1
Open Season

Boog, a domesticated 900lb. Grizzly bear finds himself stranded in the woods 3 days before Open Season. Forced to rely on Elliot, a fast-talking mule deer, the two form an ......

6.1 Average
Open Season 3 IMDb: 5.1
Open Season 3

Boog, Elliot, and their forest friends return with an all-new adventure, this time in a Big Top Circus! The comedy begins when Boog's pals choose their family obligations over the ......

5.1 Average
Open Season 2 IMDb: 5.6
Open Season 2

After falling head over hooves in love with Giselle, Elliot's road to the altar takes a slight detour when Mr. Weenie is kidnapped by a group of pampered pets determined ......

5.6 Average
Mr. Vampire IMDb: 7.5
Mr. Vampire

The planned reburial of a village elder goes awry as the corpse resurrects into a hopping, bloodthirsty vampire, threatening mankind. Therefore, a Taoist Priest and his two disciples attempt to ......

7.5 Average
Mr Vampire Saga 4 IMDb: 6.5
Mr Vampire Saga 4

The Buddhist Monk and the Taoist Priest, both blessed with ghost-taming powers, have been quarrelling all over the landscape. Still, they are good friends. The Priest shepherds a group of ......

6.5 Average
Mr. Vampire 3 IMDb: 6.9
Mr. Vampire 3

The Vampire Master joins forces with another fellow priest (with his two pet "ghosts" along for the ride) to defeat an evil witch and her henchman, whose goals are to ......

6.9 Average
Mr. Vampire 2 IMDb: 5.8
Mr. Vampire 2

Modern grave robbing "archeologists" find perfectly preserved specimens from the past of a man, a woman, and their child. Unbeknownst to the scientist and his two bumbling assistants, these are ......

5.8 Average
Jersey Boys IMDb: 6.8
Jersey Boys

A musical biopic of the Four Seasons—the rise, the tough times and personal clashes, and the ultimate triumph of a group of friends whose music became symbolic of a generation. ......

6.8 Average
Keanu IMDb: 6.3

Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang. ...

6.3 Average
Eraser IMDb: 6.1

U.S. Marshall John Kruger erases the identities of people enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. His current assignment is to protect Lee Cullen, who's uncovered evidence that the weapons manufacturer ......

6.1 Average
Cyborg X IMDb: 4.1
Cyborg X

After X-Corp, a radical weapons manufacturer, is taken over by a Cyber Virus, a group of survivors must fight to save humanity from the army of Machines the Virus now ......

4.1 Average