The Aeronauts IMDb: 6.6
The Aeronauts

In 1862, daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Wren teams up with pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher to advance human knowledge of the weather and fly higher than anyone in history. While breaking ......

6.6 Average
The Lighthouse IMDb: 5.3
The Lighthouse

Two lighthouse keepers clash, making their duties difficult even before a freak storms hits and strands them at the lighthouse for months. Based on a true story. ...

5.3 Average
Sacren IMDb: N/A

Kate and David leave the hospital after suffering the loss of their unborn baby. As they return back to their isolated house on the water, strange masked lunatics start toying ......

0 Average
Zombieland: Double Tap IMDb: 7.2
Zombieland: Double Tap

Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family. ...

7.2 Average
The Man from Earth: Holocene IMDb: 5.3
The Man from Earth: Holocene

14,000 year-old "Man from Earth" John Oldman, now teaching in northern California, realizes that not only is he finally starting to age, but four students have discovered his deepest secret, ......

5.3 Average
The Man from Earth IMDb: 7.9
The Man from Earth

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he never ages and has walked the earth for 14,000 ......

7.9 Average
Portrait of a Lady on Fire IMDb: 8.3
Portrait of a Lady on Fire

On an isolated island in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century, a female painter is obliged to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman. ...

8.3 Average
Knives and Skin IMDb: 5.5
Knives and Skin

The investigation of a young girl’s disappearance in the rural Midwest, led by an inexperienced local sheriff. The ripple of fear and suspicion among the small-town residents destroys some relationships ......

5.5 Average
Judy IMDb: 7.1

Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland arrives in Swinging London to perform a five-week sold-out run at The Talk of the Town. It is 30 years since she shot ......

7.1 Average
Feedback IMDb: 5.3

A radio host is kidnapped on air and forced to tell secrets about his past. ...

5.3 Average
Joker IMDb: 8.7

During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure. ...

8.7 Average
Togo IMDb: N/A

The untold true story set in the winter of 1925 that takes you across the treacherous terrain of the Alaskan tundra for an exhilarating and uplifting adventure that will test ......

0 Average
The Two Popes IMDb: 7.7
The Two Popes

Frustrated with the direction of the church, Cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) requests permission to retire in 2012 from Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins). Instead, facing scandal and self-doubt, the introspective Pope ......

7.7 Average
The Lighthouse IMDb: 8.3
The Lighthouse

Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. ...

8.3 Average
The Biggest Little Farm IMDb: 8.1
The Biggest Little Farm

The successes and failures of a couple determined to live in harmony with nature on a farm outside of Los Angeles are lovingly chronicled by filmmaking farmer John Chester, in ......

8.1 Average